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WiseMind Ed: Training & Support

Research tells us that just one healthy relationship with an always available adult is protective for a lifetime, and we at WiseMind Ed have experienced this to be absolutely true. Our vision is to give parents and professionals the tools to empower youth with confidence, self-knowing, and resilience.

WiseMind Ed is a membership-based training and support program that offers professionals who work with young people and 21st-century parents a unique and two-pronged opportunity: to further your education in key research-based areas related to youth resilience through bite-sized training modules, and integrate the learning with your specific youth through discussion, reflection, and practice.

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What You Can Expect

For Professionals

Learn neuroscience and trauma-informed tools of emotion regulation, stress, and working effectively with young people; and in utilizing a parallel process, you can develop a personal understanding and tools that work for yourself, too. Build your knowledge base and gain deep and meaningful understanding of 21st century evidence based theory and science.

For Parents

Get grounded with solid neuroscience and trauma-informed information, and step-by-step exploration of a toolset of time tested, founded, effective strategies for guiding kids into adulthoods that are happy, connected, and making a difference in the world around them.
  • Gain Practical Tools

    Professional-grade skills from a foundation of neuroscience and mind/body tools for resilience — for working with youth at the office and in your home.

  • Teach Youth

    Master the knowledge and tools necessary to offer neuroscience and tools for resilience to young people individually or in groups (including families).

  • Integrate & Discuss

    Opportunities for self-reflection, integration activities, and a monthly group-call option to fine-tune how the tools and information work for your specific needs with your specific youth.

What’s included?

Gain access to 20 lessons across four learning modules featuring:

  • Bite-sized & high impact video lessons

  • Reflection Questions & Integration Activity Worksheets

  • Scripts & templates for using the tools

  • Tip sheets for easy reference of key learnings

  • Work through the content at your own pace

  • Unlimited access for all members: revisit key lessons as the youth in your care go through new ages and stages

  • BONUS: Receive immediate access to the professionally narrated videobook version of Peanut and the BIG Feelings: A Guidebook for Children, a $15 value

What’s in the Resource Library?

Curated treasure-trove of WiseMind Ed's best resources for kids, teens, parents, educators, and professionals who care for youth

  • ARTICLE LIBRARY — A library of more than twenty published articles on topics such as trauma, anxiety, mindfulness, and connection.

  • GUIDED RESTORATIVE PRACTICES — Nourish your nervous system while listening in on language you can use to offer practices to youth.

  • WORKSHEETS + WORKBOOKS — WiseMind Ed — developed for use with young people. You cannot find or buy this anywhere else!

  • TIP SHEETS + RESOURCE LISTS — Quick-reference resources for parents and professionals.

  • PEANUT AND THE BIG FEELINGS: A GUIDEBOOK FOR CHILDREN — Digital, professionally narrated videobook of the children’s story from my first book.

Jenifer Trivelli, M.S.

Founder, Educator, Author/Writer

Since she was young, Jenifer has been interested in how people get wired to do the things they do, and what guides them towards well-being. 

That curiosity (and many chance happenings) led her to a graduate degree in counseling and completed training in yoga certification programs for youth and adults. She has coached parents and facilitated yoga for kids in schools (public and private) and in her community since 2007. 

A social-emotional educator at heart, she offers her blend of neuroscience, attachment theory, and somatic practices for trauma resolution and resiliency to educators and organizations that serve children. Jenifer contracts with non-profit and private organizations to provide behavior consultation, coaching, and training. 

In 2014, Jenifer authored her first book for kids, Peanut and the BIG Feelings. Jamie's Gift: A Young Teen's Guide to Fears, Worries, and Other Life Challenges (Like Being Irritated By Other People) soon followed; a collaborative project with a local teen. From 2016-2019, she wrote in Wise Parent, a column inspired by her work in a local family magazineIn 2019 she developed a resiliency curriculum for adolescents called TIME:IN.

In recent years, Jenifer has presented her unique blend at virtual conferences with international audiences - namely the Embodiment Conference in 2020 and most recently the Somatic Experiencing International Annual Conference in 2021.

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    $495.00WiseMind Ed — Training & Support

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“What is offered by WiseMind is not merely useful, it is truly essential. What has struck me most about Jenifer is her ability as an expert to offer such accessible and versatile services from a place of deep compassion and connectedness. I have gleaned incredible knowledge and insight that is applicable to my personal, parenting and professional life by working with WiseMind. The education is deeply informed by research in neuroscience and trauma-sensitive practices. The unique combination of both youth and adult education is what makes WiseMind Ed so aligned to the needs of our times.”

Shea Watkins, parent, K-12 bilingual classroom teacher and instructional mentor

“In this chaotic world filled with so much knowledge to guide us on this parenting journey, Jenifer Trivelli offers us a quiet, gentle, soft space to practice the truest sense of growing a small human: connection. With her ability to dissect the complicated world of neurobiology, parenting, and yoga and bring it to us in this warmly digestible practice; it has created the perfect platform to become our best selves while growing and encouraging our littles to be theirs.”

Jill Snell

“Working with Jenifer Trivelli is a treat! Jenifer has a way of taking the complex topic of social emotional health and making it not only understandable but offering real and helpful strategies that anyone – young or old - can easily utilize. She is thoughtful and intentional in how she approaches workshops and one on one meetings so that they best meet the need. Jenifer has facilitated trainings for our community childcare providers on several occasions and been a consultant offering coaching and technical assistance to providers supporting children. In addition, she has assisted in delivering training to families offering skills and ideas on developing social emotional skills.”

Lisa Harnisch, Executive Director Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub

“When I learned about Jenifer and the incredible work she was doing using neuroscience and yoga with the youth in our community, I knew I wanted her on our highly skilled instructional team. We have 21st century learners living in a 21st century world, and they need skills and tools to help them navigate it all - heads connected to hearts. We are so thankful for her contribution to our little community.”

Karen Litvin, Founder and Director of Silverleaf School

“We are so thankful to have learned alongside Jenifer and WiseMind Ed for five years now. Her warm, quiet, and grounded presence filters down into everything she offers, and has provided the needed balance for my 10 year-old. Learning coping mechanisms and skills for navigating her big feelings has been huge, particularly in navigating relationships with siblings, peers, and other adults who have temperaments that aren’t so soft and gentle. It‘s been such a relief as I have transitioned to working outside our home and pursuing my hiking/self-care goals. The space Jenifer creates using mindfulness, art, and other accessible methods of exploring one’s inner landscape has increased my daughters’ self-confidence and self-love, which, of course for me, is an invaluable gift.”

Lisa Ryan

“Jenifer is such a thoughtful, kind, patient person that my son quickly came to trust and respect, and her blend of neuroscience and mind/body tools helped him become much better at expressing his emotions, handling stressful situations, and speaking up when he needs help.”

Katrina K

“I admire Jenifer Trivelli’s respect for tiny humans. Her dedication to finding the root cause of behavior and the way she helps guide children through these behaviors cemented our bond.”

Hanneke Crumley, Little Friends Montessori & Young Voyagers Montessori